Relief service

This service is offered to children 18 months to 5 years old.  It permits children to acquire knowledge that promotes their overall development and the enhancement of their self-confidence through fun and stimulating activities.   The relief the Family Support Team offers to the parents has a preventive role.  Clear eligibility criteria have been established and assessment tools allows us to monitor the child’s progress.

The evaluation of our interventions is directly linked with different spheres of development, either:

  • By socialization, that is to say, promoting the development of the child to bring him or her to become aware of others, to express empathy and to develop a sense of responsibility in daily activities.
  • By the language, that is to say, improve the child’s environment in terms of oral and symbolic communication which helps to stimulate and develop language, which will make it possible to express his needs, his thoughts and feelings.
  • Through behavior and autonomy, that is, the development of feelings of trust, pride and achievement in a dynamic that reinforces positive behavior.

Relief Visits

The relief visits offer an accompaniment and relief service to families in difficulty in the region.  The objectives of the program are to encourage the family to adopt healthy lifestyles for the well-being of their children.  The recognition of parenting skills and the awareness of this potential by the parents are part of the strategic objectives of the program.

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