A non-profit organization that offers personal support services and relief to families in need to prevent abuse and neglect to children 18 months to 5 years old.

About us

Family Support Team began to define itself in 1980, at the beginning it was a group of female volunteers led by Mrs. Yvette Gauthier. Mrs. Gauthier welcomed children from underprivileged backgrounds into her home for numerous years before creating the organization.  The organization’s vision is based on the need to support families, which is the basis of society, to prevent child abuse as well as to prevent the breakup of families.  The organization was incorporated on November 26, 1981 and the first general meeting definitively consolidated the project on May 9, 1982.

In 2001, Family Support Team reviewed the organization’s mission and the services offered.  This led to a decentralization of services, with the aim of reaching a larger number of families and at the same time creating partnerships with community organizations that already offered services to targeted clients.  By decentralizing services, Family Support Team has built a network of mutual aid and exchange with local organizations and is now working more closely with the community.

In the Fall of 2008, Family Support Team decided to implement a program of support visit with the objective of providing a more sustained support to families who use our services.

The Team devotes a great deal of energy to reflection, questioning and continuous training in order to establish the most judicious and best suited intervention methods to ensure continuity of services and to improve the quality of the service.

Our approach

Family Support Team promotes an approach that values the parents in their role by putting emphasis on the parents’ strengths and adaptive capacities while supporting them in their process towards autonomy.

This personalized approach respects the rhythm and structure of the family while allowing parents to realize the importance of their role and to be active partners in their child’s development.  Early intervention with vulnerable families in the region allows us to intervene with children at risk of neglect and to ensure a constant presence with the parent and their child, thus creating a feeling of security and stability.

Our goals

  • To offer families the opportunity to recharge their batteries
  • Valuing parents in their role and supporting them in their steps towards autonomy
  • Encourage parents to acquire new knowledge
  • Encourage parents to improve their parenting skills
  • To offer activities that promote the global development of children
  • Contribute to the prevention of all forms of child abuse

Board of Directors

Éric Jenkins, President

Roxanne Bélisle, Treasurer

Sonia Robillard, Secretary

Johanne Richard, Administrator

Nathalie Quesnel, Administrator

Michelle Le Guerrier, Employee Representative

Sophie Beauchamp, Executive Director

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